Communication Studio Cassiopeia has a unique multidisciplinary approach which it draws from the fields of corporate communication, project management, media analysis, and visual art.

With over 20 years of experience, team gathered around CS Cassiopeia has a proven track record of delivering successful integrated communication campaigns and projects for well-known clients in the public and private sectors.

Guided by a creative and unconventional approach within the sphere of public relations, campaigns are executed by the team who understands how to reach and influence different target audiences.

We believe in the design of ideas.

We believe in the quality of one's experiences.

We believe in touching upon one's values.

We believe in the design of dreams.

We are the trend-spotters and trend-setters.

In a world over-saturated by advertising, we focus on the versatile imperceptible values of each business and each vision and the effect that it creates on people’s lives.

In the ever-changing world shifting more towards the inner rather than superficial, a completely different approach is needed, one that shifts from the hard sale of product to responding to people's intrinsic needs, values, and aspirations.